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Unified Multiland Payroll

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Easy-to-use payroll for your business.

KarbonPay is the most customizable payroll platform in the Philippines, serving small companies and those with thousands of enployees


BIR Compliant

Our automated system is built to provide BIR compliance for all your payrolls. With KarbonPay, you won't be running afoul of complex, changing rules.


Saving You Time

Our customers says we're the easiest payroll platform they've ever used in the Philippines. Our focus on your experience makes all the difference.


Annualization Report

The KarbonPay machine automatically creates your Annualization report, which is critical for accurate tax processing and filing.


Employee Portal

Employees can access their employee portal to request time off, overtime, and official business as well as access their payslips and tax documents online.


Powerful Technology

With KarbonPay's powerful calculations engine, your payroll is automatically calculated at the click of a button - in full compliance with government regulations.



The Alphalist contains important information such as the employee's name, tax identification number, taxable income, and taxes withheld. It also includes details which are used to compute the correct taxes owed.

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Integrated with time and attendance - XmartClock


With XmartClock, employees can clock in and out using their phones, tablets or computers. XmartClock records their location and takes a photo for facial recognition.

From your XmartClock dashboard, you can customize your shifts and review check-ins. Sync your XmartClock account with KarbonPay to automatically send hours to payslips for processing.



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